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8 Mar 2021

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Insurance News July 2009 Archive

Date of Article News Headline
01/07/2009 Critical illness insurance sector set for shake up
01/07/2009 Trusts can ensure the right people benefit from a life insurance policy
01/07/2009 GP reports for under-40s abolished for life insurance
02/07/2009 'Life-changing injury' underscores importance of income protection
02/07/2009 Shopping around good but brokers vital for proper advice
03/07/2009 Increasing consumer confidence could encourage life insurance uptake
03/07/2009 Income protection insurance handy for repairmen
03/07/2009 Cheap life insurance on comparison sites not recommended
03/07/2009 Go Direct launches it’s new interactive insurance quote system
06/07/2009 Income protection cover ideal for new mortgage holders
06/07/2009 Savings and life insurance can fulfil children's dreams
06/07/2009 LV= reviews unemployment protection in light of rising redundancies
07/07/2009 There is insurance to suit all ages, Biba states
07/07/2009 Lifestyle changing and exclusions can result in lower life insurance premiums
07/07/2009 BCE data underscores need for income protection insurance
08/07/2009 ABI initiative to ensure consumers get the best out of critical illness insurance
08/07/2009 62% at risk because they have no life insurance
08/07/2009 Income protection vital as house purchases pick up
09/07/2009 Wide choice of life insurance products in existence
09/07/2009 Construction accidents inquiry report could spur rise in life insurance policies
09/07/2009 Web-smart consumers visiting many websites before buying cover
10/07/2009 'Customised protection' should be offered to consumers
10/07/2009 Critical illness insurance could be affected by gene testing
13/07/2009 Income protection cover can complement savings
13/07/2009 Don't cut back on life insurance, shop around for better deals, consumers urged
14/07/2009 Life insurance awareness initiative targets new parents
14/07/2009 Life insurance 'vital for anyone with dependants'
15/07/2009 Parents failing to take out adequate life cover
15/07/2009 Small business owners advised to take out critical illness cover
16/07/2009 Income protection market could be affected by later retirement
16/07/2009 Consumers should be wary of critical illness advice
17/07/2009 Industry views on mortgage protection insurance misselling are 'mixed'
17/07/2009 Protection and life policies can help ease recessionary fears
20/07/2009 Women shopping around more for life cover as recession bites
20/07/2009 Machinery accident highlights importance of life insurance
20/07/2009 Life insurance just as important as a will
21/07/2009 Income protection cover could be handy in unstable job market
21/07/2009 Cheap life insurance available thanks to lower premiums
21/07/2009 Mortgage life insurance vital as lending picks up
22/07/2009 Attitudes hampering critical illness insurance take up
22/07/2009 Rising redundancies highlight need for redundancy protection cover
22/07/2009 Rising redundancies highlight need for redundancy protection cover
23/07/2009 Get cheaper life insurance or income protection cover when reviewing finances
23/07/2009 Income protection insurance 'an essential cover'
23/07/2009 Drill accident underscores importance of unemployment cover
24/07/2009 Get the best life insurance when approaching retirement
24/07/2009 Increased lending could boost mortgage life insurance take-up
24/07/2009 Increased lending could boost mortgage life insurance take-up
27/07/2009 Brits cut back on 'unnecessary' cover to protect vital policies
27/07/2009 New report urges more transparency in insurance sector
27/07/2009 Income protection insurance ideal for protecting against loss of earnings
28/07/2009 Michael Jackson's children 'cheated' out of life insurance
28/07/2009 Life insurance among family protection products consumers should have
28/07/2009 Roofing accident highlights importance of income protection cover
29/07/2009 Life cover vital, but many still without protection
29/07/2009 Quitting smoking good for health and life assurance premiums
29/07/2009 Mortgage life insurance sales could pick up as lending increases
30/07/2009 Mortgage life insurance vital as house prices pick up
30/07/2009 Worker gets critical illness cover payment after intervention
30/07/2009 Scottish Provident reviews critical illness definitions
31/07/2009 New CEBR projections underscore need for income protection cover
31/07/2009 'Demystify' sector to boost take-up of life insurance
31/07/2009 Friends Provident reviews income protection ceasing ages


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