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13 Jul 2024

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House Price Comparison

House Price Comparison

House Price Comparison is important when you are buying or selling a property it is vital to understand the local property market in your chosen area, and for this you need local property information: Hometrack provide excellent reports with all the information you need in every area in England and Wales.

Why get a Hometrack valuation?

The Hometrack Online Valuation Report is based on Real time™, the market leading Automated Valuation System used by the High Street Banks and Mortgage Lenders. In most cases it will give you a good indication of a property's value, something that you can't get from simply looking at previous sales in a local area.

The Hometrack difference

Because Hometrack works with Mortgage Lenders, Estate Agents and other housing professionals, we can boast a much greater understanding of the property market. This combined with our Automated Valuation System means that we can deliver much more than most other online housing sales websites.
As well as our unique valuation product, you can browse actual sales, and view in-depth and up-to-date information from Hometrack's survey of house prices and market trends in England & Wales.

Get your property valued NOW with the same valuation system used by mortgage lenders - from £19.95

Buying or selling a house takes time. It’s one of the most important decisions we ever make so it’s always good to be armed with the facts.
What someone paid for a house is interesting...
Knowing what it may be worth now is invaluable!

  • Hometrack Online Valuation
  • Neighbourhood price range
  • Neighbourhood current values
  • Neighbourhood price trends
  • Historic sales prices
  • Market trends

Historic Sales Prices

Find out for free what properties sold for in your local area, based on HM Land Registry data.

The Market

View in-depth and up-to-date information on market trends in your local area from Hometrack's monthly survey for England & Wales.

Today's Prices

Update historic Land Registry Sales prices to today’s date - from £1.90

What is an Automated Valuation?

An automated valuation is a property valuation created by a computer model. This valuation is used to estimate the current market value of a home based upon various analytical methodologies and data elements e.g. comparable sales prices, home characteristics, historical property price appreciation etc.

What information is contained in the Hometrack Online Valuation Report?

The principle outputs are the estimate of current market value, an indication of the Confidence Level or probable accuracy of the result and the estimated value range. In addition to these key outputs the report contains various other relevant property market information.

Can Hometrack value every house?

The Hometrack Valuation System can value any property in England, Wales & Scotland where the system successfully matches the postcode and house number or name.

How accurate is the Hometrack Valuation System?

The accuracy of the valuation will vary depending on a wide range of factors; principally how similar the subject property is to properties in the surrounding area and how much turnover there has been in the area. The expected accuracy of the valuation is reflected in the Confidence Level and the corresponding value range. The System is unlikely to provide a very accurate valuation for properties that are unusual, much larger than average or with particular distinctive features.

Which professionals use the Hometrack Valuation System?

The Hometrack Valuation System™ is based upon the Real time Valuation Model™ which is the market leading online valuation service used by High Street Banks and Mortgage Lenders. It is one of the most advanced Automated Valuation Models in the world. Currently lenders representing more than 70% of the UK Mortgage Market utilise the Real time Valuation Model™ for both mortgage origination and further advance.

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