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8 Mar 2021

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Insurance News June 2009 Archive

Date of Article News Headline
02/06/2009 Balance between 'cheap and comprehensive' needed for life insurance
02/06/2009 Life insurance 'one of the most important' covers
02/06/2009 Cheap not best when it comes to life insurance
03/06/2009 Workplaces could become more dangerous in recession
03/06/2009 Aegon announces redundancies but those with cover may have fall back plan
03/06/2009 Life insurance a 'safety net' for dependants
04/06/2009 Get life insurance early and benefit from better policies
04/06/2009 Hidden asbestos in homes underscores need for critical illness insurance
04/06/2009 Critical illness insurance 'extremely important'
05/06/2009 Majority ignoring critical illness cover
05/06/2009 Consumers investing less in life insurance
05/06/2009 One-third of life insurance complaints upheld
08/06/2009 Men risking their health by ignoring medical symptoms
08/06/2009 'Compare the products' before buying life insurance
08/06/2009 Consumers taking out income protection, report states
09/06/2009 Men 'risking health and finances' by ignoring cover
09/06/2009 Consumers to benefit as Bright Grey reviews income protection
09/06/2009 What is the value of a parent?
10/06/2009 Recession forces one in ten to drop life insurance
10/06/2009 Mortgage brokers can help with getting life insurance
10/06/2009 Need for income protection and unemployment cover highlighted by new data
11/06/2009 Trading Standards Institute calls for critical illness insurance legislation review
11/06/2009 Income protection insurance can help people cope financially
11/06/2009 Insurance recommended for agricultural workers
12/06/2009 Critical illness insurance offers 'peace of mind'
12/06/2009 Insurers criticised for adopting unfair positions with some CI covers
12/06/2009 Advisers bullish about individual protection business
15/06/2009 Men 40 per cent 'more likely' to die from cancer than women
15/06/2009 Over 7 million British parents 'without adequate financial protection'
15/06/2009 'Simple plan' can save dependants from funeral preparation burden
16/06/2009 Life insurance vital in current economic climate
16/06/2009 Men's diet and lifestyle a case for importance of life insurance
16/06/2009 Companies not preparing for the unexpected
17/06/2009 Change in circumstances calls for change in life insurance
17/06/2009 New unemployment figures highlight need for income protection insurance
17/06/2009 Men urged to check sick pay benefits before taking critical illness cover
18/06/2009 Mortgage holders should consider life insurance
18/06/2009 Income protection ideal for public sector workers
18/06/2009 Avoid 'easy offers' when taking critical illness cover
19/06/2009 Cost putting people off life insurance
19/06/2009 Regular quad bike users should consider life cover
19/06/2009 Consumers searching online for life insurance and income protection cover
22/06/2009 Dad's financial contribution needs protection with life insurance
22/06/2009 Income protection insurance can prevent repossession
23/06/2009 Cover could be handy in future as healthcare benefits are shelved
23/06/2009 As workplaces transform in recession, so too should consumers
23/06/2009 Life insurance premiums now cheaper after recent falls
24/06/2009 Unemployment cover vital as second wave of repossessions is predicted
24/06/2009 Don't allow gap in life cover if made redundant, policy holders urged
24/06/2009 IT contractors urged to have life insurance
25/06/2009 Workplace deaths underscore need for life insurance
25/06/2009 More business failures predicted in coming months
26/06/2009 Income protection insurance can offer 'vital assistance'
26/06/2009 Corus job cuts make case for income protection cover
29/06/2009 Uptake of income protection cover increasing
29/06/2009 Non-smokers have better critical illness insurance premiums
30/06/2009 New supplementary critical illness cover being considered
30/06/2009 Underwriting processes to improve with new online solutions


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