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8 Mar 2021

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Insurance News Archive

Date of Article News Headline
03/08/2009 Mortgage life insurance vital for first-time buyers
03/08/2009 Getting cheap life insurance
03/08/2009 Consumers should consider income protection cover in current environment
04/08/2009 Jackson's children on course to get singer's life insurance proceeds
04/08/2009 Income protection cover to benefit from Scottish Provident etool
04/08/2009 Accident, illness and unemployment cover ideal for industrial workers
05/08/2009 Women taking out income protection insurance as times change
05/08/2009 Life insurance provider AXA announces job cuts
05/08/2009 Mortgage insurance likely to benefit from house value increases
06/08/2009 Job availability highlights need for income protection insurance
06/08/2009 Consumers advised on how to get cheaper life insurance
06/08/2009 Mortgage insurance ideal for first-time buyers
07/08/2009 Life insurance 'can't be put off'
10/08/2009 Aviva boosts its maximum income protection benefit limit
10/08/2009 Michael Jackson's insurance policy 'settled'
10/08/2009 More consumers could get life insurance to protect their financial futures
11/08/2009 Insurers settling the majority of critical illness cover claims
11/08/2009 Mortgage protection insurance could benefit as fixed loans are snapped up
11/08/2009 Over-50s get new life insurance products
12/08/2009 Insurers settling the majority of critical illness cover claims
12/08/2009 Mortgage protection insurance could benefit as fixed loans are snapped up
12/08/2009 Over-50s get new life insurance products
13/08/2009 Professionals to get bespoke income protection product
13/08/2009 'Redundancy proof' yourself with income protection cover
13/08/2009 Parents urged to take advantage of free life cover
14/08/2009 Mortgage protection insurance could prevent repossession
14/08/2009 Families urged to consider critical illness cover
14/08/2009 Life cover important for construction workers
17/08/2009 'Very risky' to live without life assurance
17/08/2009 Women urged to consider life assurance
17/08/2009 Aviva's free life insurance good for new parents
18/08/2009 Spouses should have life insurance too
18/08/2009 Be money-wise and buy mortgage life insurance
18/08/2009 Diabetes sufferers can get life insurance
19/08/2009 Postcode pricing could impact negatively on life insurance costs
19/08/2009 Zurich reviews its critical illness insurance conditions
19/08/2009 First-time buyers urged to take mortgage life insurance
20/08/2009 Lending growth could benefit mortgage life insurance
20/08/2009 Homeowners urged to have income protection cover
21/08/2009 Income protection cover a financial safety net against swine flu
21/08/2009 Income protection 'offers peace of mind'
21/08/2009 View all options when buying life insurance
24/08/2009 Employers can help with cheap income protection insurance
25/08/2009 Minimise risk to your family with life insurance
25/08/2009 Consumers reducing their protection due to recession
26/08/2009 Life insurance projection made by Fitch's
26/08/2009 Back savings with income protection cover
26/08/2009 Income protection vital in light of unemployment situation
27/08/2009 Advisers get income protection cover selling lessons
27/08/2009 Now is the time to consider life cover, consumers urged
27/08/2009 August house price increase could benefit mortgage insurance providers


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